oldid date/time username edit summary
42523439 2014-11-20T15:05:11Z SimBeq
42523418 2014-11-20T15:02:24Z SimBeq
42523266 2014-11-20T14:43:23Z Kattenkruid +{{auteur}} - o.a.
42523107 2014-11-20T14:24:22Z Vis met 1 oog
42523101 2014-11-20T14:23:18Z Vis met 1 oog /* Externe links */
42523097 2014-11-20T14:22:37Z Vis met 1 oog
42522793 2014-11-20T13:43:07Z SimBeq
42522749 2014-11-20T13:39:17Z SimBeq Informatie over de vzw Stichting Lezen Vlaanderen

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