oldid date/time username edit summary
41355884 2014-05-24T12:22:36Z RomaineBot +type
40429179 2014-02-12T03:21:23Z RomaineBot Aanpassing coördinatensjabloon
39594132 2013-12-07T08:23:46Z BotteHarry Robotgeholpen doorverwijzing: [[Breda]] - Koppeling(en) gewijzigd naar [[Breda (stad)]]
28316861 2011-11-30T17:52:50Z RobotMichiel1972 fix coords zoom to scale
22853864 2010-10-06T12:09:41Z M.T.
18624668 2009-10-18T13:46:42Z G.Lanting
18555599 2009-10-12T16:09:28Z G.Lanting
15269944 2009-01-15T20:12:59Z JFD + coords
13917828 2008-09-18T20:29:26Z
10987975 2008-01-23T17:55:14Z MultichillAWB Dit artikel bevat geen coördinaten met [[Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser|AWB]]
10109331 2007-11-09T22:15:55Z G.Lanting
10109303 2007-11-09T22:13:37Z G.Lanting
5431020 2006-10-09T18:32:16Z DePiep cat
4527530 2006-07-03T22:28:29Z Math1985
3941015 2006-05-13T09:39:13Z BerendBotje Robot: Automated text replacement (-geintereseerd +geïnteresseerd)
3613343 2006-04-07T09:38:53Z
3516724 2006-03-28T21:21:23Z Halandinh Museum in Breda is onderdeel van Breda en van museum in nederland
3493367 2006-03-25T22:24:24Z Baal
3311482 2006-03-06T06:57:47Z Eriksw
3060861 2006-02-05T10:41:46Z G.Lanting
3060823 2006-02-05T10:37:08Z G.Lanting
3060808 2006-02-05T10:34:49Z G.Lanting

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