oldid date/time username edit summary
42492248 2014-11-16T07:32:36Z Aiko
42492215 2014-11-16T07:14:23Z Aiko +1
42488566 2014-11-15T13:55:39Z Joostik
42488532 2014-11-15T13:51:34Z Joostik
42485403 2014-11-15T02:54:27Z ErikvanB +weg
42485400 2014-11-15T02:52:45Z ErikvanB
42485398 2014-11-15T02:52:33Z ErikvanB
35739008 2013-03-13T05:55:10Z Addbot [[Gebruiker:Addbot|Robot:]] Verplaatsing van 3 interwikilinks. Deze staan nu op [[d:|Wikidata]] onder [[d:q1904940]]
16661422 2009-05-03T11:19:03Z DumZiBoT robot Erbij: [[es:Ananta (desambiguación)]]
15927227 2009-03-08T01:47:19Z Obersachsebot robot Eraf: [[es:Ananta]]
15679044 2009-02-16T07:19:03Z Xqbot robot Erbij: [[es:Ananta]]
14698784 2008-11-28T17:08:01Z BotteHarry Verandering van redirects op een doorverwijspagina
14087780 2008-10-06T05:03:31Z MenoBot robot Erbij: [[ru:Ананта]]
11419428 2008-02-26T00:32:00Z Verstrooide professor
6487101 2007-01-11T19:55:31Z Amvdboogaard
6401922 2007-01-06T18:53:05Z Thijs!bot robot Erbij: [[en:Ananta]]
5747355 2006-11-10T13:03:46Z Ben Pirard dp
4336897 2006-06-17T18:42:19Z Aiko redirect Pramoedya Ananta Toer

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